Great fourth place in Savona Cup

Players of 1. CC Bratislava attended the Prague tournament Savona Cup in great condition when taking the fourth place. They beat ten Swiss teams, two German, one British, one German and one Swedish team in the competition of 32 teams from 12 countries. Team consisting of Štefan Turňa, Pavel Kocian, Pavol Pitoňák and Garry Campbell took the seventh place after the basic part when they won three times  and lost just once. 1. CC beat the Slovak team Airport 10:3 in the fifth round entered the fights for the bronze medals. However, the Slovaks coached by the Canadian coach were no match for the Czech junior champions (3:7) and took the fourth place. 

Results 1. CC Bratislava: Savona 5 5:7, Savona I 4:3, Coco Loco (Švaj.) 10:4, Airport Bratislava 10:3, round 3. place: Savona 4 3:7. Final: Cortina (Tal.) - Wallis W (Maď.) 7:4.
Final ranking: 1. Cortina, 2. Wallis W, 3. Savona 4, 4. 1. CC Bratislava,... 12. Airport Bratislava.





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