Eighth place at the tournament Leticí kameny Trophy in Prague

The Slovak team 1. CC Bratislava was successful during the international tournament Letici kameny Trophy 2007 (subsidy of CZK 120 thousand) when took the eight place out of 28 teams from 10 countries.  Slovak team of following players: Tomáš Pitoňák, Ronald Krčmár, Pavol Pitoňák and Pavel Kocian lost three times and won three times in six matches. They got CZK 4 thousand for the last paid place. CC Margarita team led by the captain of the Italian representation Stefano Ferronato won this tournament.

 Výsledky 1. CC Bratislava: Wallis (Maď.) 3:9, Wiehl (Švaj.) 9:2, Savona-ženy (Čes.) 3:11, Vis (Chor.) 13:2, Savona-muži (ČR) 6:4, Absi (USA) 4:6.
Konečné poradie: 1. CC Margarita 11 bodov, 2. Savona-ženy 9,... 8. 1. CC Bratislava 6, 18. Airport Bratislava 4, 21. Pezinok 3, 24. 1. CC Bratislava II 2, 28. Trenčín 0.

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