Triumph of 1. CC at the I. Hungarian Cup

1. CC reported a great success during the Hungarian Cup in Budapest where the team took the first place without any lost match. A team of Axamítová, Bugárová, Kocian, P. Pitoòák and Vojtuš beat the home teams Édes Mind Egy 7:6 a 101 Esély SE 4:3 in the first two rounds. In the third round, the players of 1. CC drew with other home team Four-Four 6:6 and closed the basic part when winning a match with the Slovak team Airport 6:1. In the next match, they beat the Hungarian Provice Team 7:4 and entered the finale from the first place. There, the team from Bratislava met Airport team again and won 10:7 and the players could celebrate the victory.


Results 1. CC Bratislava: Édes Mind Egy 7:6, 101 Esély SE 4:3, Four-Four 6:6, Airport Bratislava 6:1, Provice Team 7:4, final: Airport Bratislava 10:7.
Final ranking: 1. 1. CC Bratislava, 2. Airport Bratislava, 3. Cool CS I.


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